Blind Weight™ Scale

Blind Weight™ Scale

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Blind Weight™ is a subscription FREE Numberless scale designed for Eating Disorder Recovery.


  • Enjoy the convenience of taking Blind Weigh-ins with no subscription fees – you only pay for the cost of the scale.
  • You don't need to have access to the portal – Blind Weight™ is designed to be "Portal Optional" for users. Share your measurements easily with your provider or parent through text message or email.
  • Create an account with us to stay updated on the latest developments at Blind Weight™ and have access to free tools.


  • There is a $20 activation fee, a minimal one-time fee collected via debit/credit card at the time of portal sign-up. This fee helps cover the cost of account creation and ensures that Blind Weight™ remains affordable for users and clients.
  • If you are a USER working with a PROVIDER, you do not need access to the portal – the parent account is optional and recently made available. Blind Weight™ was originally designed to work with providers, and many providers allow parents to have access to weight measurements.

    -> PACKAGE PRIVACY NOTICE and EXPECTATIONS: This message informs parents and users that the packaging for the product is discrete, meaning it does not have any branding or information about the company or product. The packaging is also difficult to open and may require scissors or strong pulling to remove. The message advises that if the user wants to open the package in privacy, they should do so in a private location.


  • Licensed providers have FREE access to the portal and the ability to retrieve measurement data.
  • Sign up for the portal here, and get access to the latest updates and tools.
  • If you plan to purchase scales for your clients, you can call us to set up a partner account and receive an affiliate partner discount. Contact us or text us at 754-444-0018 for more information.


Blind Weight™ is the solution to virtual care for blind weigh-in measurements. A numberless weight monitoring tool. This easy-to-use numberless scale allows your eating disorder patients to have a solution to taking blind weights virtually on the go minimizing roadblocks to recovery. Blind Weight™ was designed to be affordable and easy for the patient, provider, and parent to take and retrieve blind weight measurement data. 

Blind weigh-ins are less triggering to eating disorder patients because they remove the emphasis on the number on the scale and instead focus on the patient's overall progress and health. For someone with an eating disorder, the number on the scale can have a powerful psychological impact and can be a source of anxiety and distress. Additionally, seeing the number on the scale can perpetuate the cycle of disordered thoughts and behaviors associated with the disorder. By removing the emphasis on the number on the scale, blind weigh-ins can help patients to focus on their overall health and well-being rather than getting fixated on the number on the scale.