Blind Weight™ Scale

Blind Weight™ Scale

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Blind Weight™ presents a subscription-FREE Patent Pending Numberless scale tailored for Eating Disorder Recovery.

For USERS/PATIENTS/CLIENTS: Experience the convenience of Blind Weigh-ins without any subscription fees – you only pay for the scale's cost plus shipping. No access to the portal is necessary – Blind Weight™ is designed to be "Portal Optional" for users. Effortlessly share your measurements with your provider or parent through text messages, emails, EMRs, or any preferred mode suggested by your provider. With each weigh-in, easily share your unique Blind code, offering a subscription-free and straightforward approach to blind weigh-ins. Create an account with us to stay updated on the latest developments at Blind Weight™ and gain access to free tools. Licensed providers also receive free access! Just ask your provider to sign up or share a code with an approved provider to begin working with anyone. Seamless and user-friendly, no need to download an app, create an account, pair with Bluetooth, connect to a provider, or perform anything other than stepping on the scale upon its receipt.

For PARENTS: There's a $20 activation fee, a one-time minimal fee collected via debit/credit card during portal sign-up. This fee covers account creation costs and ensures Blind Weight™ remains affordable for users and clients. If you are a USER collaborating with a PROVIDER, portal access is unnecessary – the parent account is optional and recently introduced. Blind Weight™ was initially designed to collaborate with providers, and many providers allow parents access to weight measurements.

Please note* that purchases are non-refundable, and account approval is subject to a credit card verification process. In the event of a breach of platform terms, we retain the right to block users and terminate accounts. Users can also be blocked from accessing the platform. It's important to highlight that using the scale does not necessitate users to have an account

PACKAGE PRIVACY NOTICE and EXPECTATIONS: This notice informs parents and users that the product packaging is discreet, without branding or product information. The packaging is also tamper-resistant and may require scissors or force to open. It advises users to open the package privately in a secluded space if desired.

For PROVIDERS: Licensed providers enjoy FREE access to the portal and data retrieval capability. Sign up for the portal here and access weight measurements.

Wholesale Partners: Planning to purchase scales for your clients? Call us to establish a partner account and receive an affiliate partner discount. Contact us or text us at 754-444-0018 for details.

ABOUT BLIND WEIGHT™ SCALES: Blind Weight™ presents the solution for virtual care through numberless weigh-in measurements. This user-friendly numberless scale empowers eating disorder patients to take blind weights virtually, minimizing obstacles on the journey to recovery. Designed to be affordable and easy for patients, providers, and parents, Blind Weight™ simplifies the process of taking and retrieving blind weight measurements.

Blind weigh-ins are less triggering for eating disorder patients, shifting the focus from the scale's number to the patient's overall progress and well-being. For those with eating disorders, the scale's number holds significant psychological weight, causing anxiety and distress. Furthermore, the number can perpetuate disordered thoughts and behaviors associated with the disorder. By eliminating the emphasis on the number, blind weigh-ins encourage patients to prioritize their holistic health and well-being rather than fixating on the scale's digits.

Blind Weight™ scales are used to bridge the gap between exposure and comfort. The use of Blind Weighing in treatment is essential, especially for individuals in the acute stages of treatment or experiencing cognitive or emotional impairment due to their disorder. Blind Weight scales are designed to provide exposure therapy by allowing the user to engage in the weigh-in process while not directly revealing their weight. This approach helps reduce the anxiety and distress associated with seeing one's weight while providing feedback on their progress. Using Blind Weight scales helps patients transition into a lower level of care and eventually become comfortable with open weighing. Such an approach is vital because it allows the patient to gradually become accustomed to the idea of knowing their weight, which can be a significant source of distress. By enabling them to face the process of weighing without the immediate shock of seeing their actual weight, it helps ease the patient into accepting the process and becoming more comfortable with it over time. This method also ensures that the treatment team can monitor the patient's weight and adjust their treatment plan accordingly.

Our mission at Blind Weight™ is to minimize weight exposure, especially for minors. We are dedicated to advocating for parents to introduce Blind Weight™ into schools, pediatric settings, and other environments where weight exposure may occur. Our goal is to eliminate the various pitfalls associated with traditional "weigh-ins". We firmly believe that affordability leads to accessibility. You are welcome to help our mission and advocate with us, feel free to contact us!